A Field Guide to the Identification of Pebbles in the Edmonton Area

This easy-to-use, accordion-folded, weather-resistant field guide is illustrated with full-colour, high-quality images and brief descriptions of locally-found pebbles characteristic of the Edmonton area and Alberta Plains region. The short text provides general information on rock-forming processes and the classification of rocks and tells the story of how pebbles are shaped through weathering, erosion, and transport. Aimed at amateur geo-enthusiasts of all ages, this 11-panel, pocket-sized (9”x4.5”) field guide is an ideal companion for anyone wanting to explore the river valley and ravines and find out more about pebbles. It also can serve as a useful resource for educators teaching earth science curriculum units in schools.

Also available at Audreys Books on Jasper Avenue, Earth's General Store on Whyte Avenue, The Science Shop in Southgate Mall, and Ghossein Rocks and Fossils in West Edmonton Mall (price may vary).

CDN $7.50

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