frank_slide.jpgReport on the Great Landslide at Frank, Alta., 1903
On 30 April, 1903, a day after the Frank Slide, the Superintendent of Mines in the Canadian Department of the Interior instructed two senior staff of the Geological Survey of Canada (R.G. McConnell and R.W. Brock) to investigate the catastrophe.  Their report was published in 1904 and has been out-of-print for a long time. EGS decided to reprint this report on the occasion of the centennial of the Frank Slide in 2003.

McConnell and Brock’s conclusion was that the slide was due to a combination of causes the chief of which, the structure and condition of the mountain, was aided by exceptional atmospheric and other natural conditions. The condition of the strata before the slide was affected by slight readjustments attendant on mining operations. The careful contemporary account of the landslide's impact on Frank is still one of the very few available for risk assessment studies. The book is a must for anybody interested in landslides.

The book includes a reproduction of the original geological map.
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